Friday, 31 January 2014

What do they say in Marathon lingo for those who completes the race? A finisher?

"I am a finisher".

Yes, I am. A finisher of this "Blogathon 2014".And I am so proud of it.

I have always been in awe with the bloggers who could churn out post almost every day, and that too of quality which makes you addicted to their blogs.Not that quality is my forte here, this thought alone gives me jubilation that I was able to remember to post everyday and posted every even though it has been one-liners for a day or two. I have always wanted to write regularly and this project give the impetus I needed to write.

And for this momentous feat, I would like to thank:

1) the BSNL broadband connection which nver acted the entire month and without which I would not have been able to blog.
2) ZZ for being the best support. Downloaded Blogger app(which helped me blog on days I was travelling) and never rolled his eyes when mostly at cooking time I would declare "oh, I have to write the post for today" and occupy the laptop for some more time.
3) all those bloggers whose blogs inspired me to write my own blog.
4) bloggers I am subscribed to who are also participating in this blogathon
5) opportunity to find this Blogathon link in and Maya, the blogger behind this blog for starting this "Blogathon 2014" project.

Just like first post, first blog comment, first tag invitation, first blog award, this First BLOGATHON is special.

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