Thursday, 30 January 2014

I would like to be there..

As I was running short of ideas to write about, I looked back at the Blogathon 2014 meme at this post and here I am.
"If I were allowed to travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?"

Let's change it to "f you were to be anywhere else in this very moment, where would it be?

Many years back I saw this photo while browsing the net. I think this photo was on some newsletter's photos of the year or Photos across the world.
The lilac flowers, the carefreeness of the girl and the closeness wth the nature-all makes this pic so beautiful, so lovely. It almost looks like a painting. Hats off to the photographer who captured this beautiful image. I normally dont do this, but I liked this photo so much that I saved it in my laptop. The photo is still with me:

So if I can be anywhere at this moment, I would like to be there among the lilac flowers, in the sunshine and cool breeze.

Photo Courtesy: Google/ (I would love to have linked the source but I have completely forgotten in which webpage I found this picture)

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