Saturday, 4 January 2014

Recharge your life, recharge your hair


         Travelling is a good way to recharge your life. As scarcity of leaves did not give me chance to travel much,  when I get an opportunity to go to Jaipur for official tour, I planned with ZZ to travel to Jodhpur for 2 days after my work at Jaipur ends. We had already been to Jaipur last year and I have been enamored to see the Blue City for some time. So off began our adventure.

          The adventure began a bit early than I expected. In the first time of my life, I missed my train. Actually I had the fortune of witnessing my train leaving the platform right before my own eyes and I could not do anything. The plan was that ZZ would reach Jaipur by bus and from there we had to take our train to Jodhpur. So I was waiting for him at the railway platform and desperately calling him from time to time to know his whereabouts. His bus was far behind its schedule and ultimately his bus got late and I waited for some more hours idling in the Jaipur railway station. Finally we took a night Volvo bus that reached Jodhpur early in the morning.

            Jodhpur the city of blue. As we were taking our breakfast in the roof-top restaurant of our hotel, the majestic Mehrangarh fort atop the hill stood high in front of us.

excuse the bright photography:p
             We went to Jodhpur Palace,  Jaswant thada and finally went ahead to Mehrangarh Fort. It is said to be the most well-maintained fort of India. It was the location which give the birds-eye view of the city. 
blue-blue everywhere

And while the fort visits are all history, sight-seeing, museums and views, there was the surprise. Zip-lining by Jodhpur Firefox!!!!

                Now let me share a secret here: I am not very comfortable with heights. And this idea of Zip-ling covering the whole fort was such an awesome offer. You know the feeling of excitment and nervous together, that was me. I triple-checked my safety gear, gloves, ropes et al and prayed ferevently and saying to myself "All is well.All is well." Our guide eased me saying “Nobody has died doing zip-line,so chill." Oh well.

                Jodhpur the city of sun. I love sun. I love myself some Vitamin D. But walking in the sun did take its toll on my hair. For eyes there was sun-glasses, lipbalm for lips, for skin it was  moisturizer but hair –hair were unaided. I had forgotten to carry scarves. One important precaution one has to take while ziplining is: tying your hair.  My hair what with all the sun, dust and sweat have spread In all directions and become coarse.

that red dot among trees is me

              But what I can say , I have a great time. The zipline was swift and before realizing, we had already crossed 7 ziplines with elan.The best part was I finished it. Yay!! I did it. I was happy on my achievement, of winning over my fear. I came back recharged. 
facade of fort all lighted 

              The trip was refreshing. Just the right pack of sun, sand, history , exotic views and adventure packed in 2 days. All in all a good trip. The hair are another story and now I wonder that if my hair were recharged , then I didnt even need the external help of scarves etc and would have enjoyed the trip more without any worry of tangled and drizzy hair. What a topping it would have been if my hair were as recharged as I was and how fabulous it would have made my photos. And now that I know the sureshot way of recharging my hair ( , I know I can go to my next trip to Jaisalmer flaunting  my tresses without any worry.

This blog-post is an entry for the Indi-blogger "Recharge Your Hair" Contest.

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