Thursday, 9 January 2014

All in a day's PLAY


Time: Sunday late morning, circa-2011.

Venue: Breakfast table

Scene: Husband is reading newspaper. Wife is doing something which she would be unable to recall later but chances are she would either surfing internet meaninglessly or reading the Sunday-newspaper supplements.

Wife (  last evening her husband had got 3 entry passes of a local fest for her and another friend-couple which was scheduled to happen when he would not be in town): Oh ZZ you are so nice. I am so lucky to have you. Actually I am very lucky to have such nice ‘men’ in my life.

Husband: ‘Men!!??’

Wife: Yes. You, my father and A. (Pointing out some recent incidents)Look, you got me entry passes even though you wont be able to come for that fest yourself, and remember, how papa helped me in getting my dress done  in super-busy time for Diwali. And during our childhood, A used to cycle in hot June afternoons to get me ice-cream whenever I wished.

Husband: Hmmm..

Wife (continuing with the feeling of gratitude): I wonder why you guys are so nice to me? I am definitely so lucky that som….

Husband (interrupting wife mid-way):  We do it because we know you will not let us live in peace if we don’t. (bursting into a huge laugh)

Wife (coundnt speak a word as she joins her husband laughing out load)


:p Just couldnt resist it.:p:p

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