Wednesday, 1 January 2014

To new beginnings and new resolutions

2013 went by pretty fast. Though this statement is made at the end of every year, but this year was like you blink and its December. I didn’t blog at all this year but if I have to sum the year 2013, I would call it good. I had some new experiences, did some things for the first time and  am grateful for the experiences of 2013.
 And now here we are at the steps of Brand New Year. It’s the time to make New Year Resolutions. My new year resolutions have almost always been the same every year and that in itself declare how successful I am in keeping up with my resolutions. So let me flow with the wave and share my 2014 Resolutions with one and all.

1)      “Open up” is the statement I choose to follow this year. Open up -In thoughts, in deeds, in words, in writing, in speech, in giving, in taking as well.
2)      Incorporate some physical exercise in my daily life. I think I have reached at that stage of life where I cant just continue living the sedentary life and yet remain slim. So as I age, I gain this wisdom that I have to sacrifice my laziness and pursue an active lifestyle with yoga and exercise if I want to remain fit and active.
3)      “Meditation” is a part of all my resolutions and well, it is a part of my resolutions only and not of my life. So, 2014 is going to be the year when I will follow meditation religiously everyday.
4)       Listen more music, watch good movies, read good books and take care of myself.

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