Monday, 1 July 2013

A new day has begun

         Surely a new day has begun and here I am clinging to the literally last strand of my youth twenties with all my might. Yes I am so close to the big 3-O that telling your age as late-twenties gives you a sense of relief that you are still in your twenties and an impending grief that it is soon going to an end.
         Like many in the internet world, I had begun making my 30-before-30 list some 2-3 years back. Thought the list was never complete but you get the drift, right. While in this period I got to tick a few of my goals, there were a lot of them remaining and a few of them still unlisted. So today I took to this task to complete writing my full 30-before-30 list in my blog diary. I wish I could write my list here, but then I am not very comfortable sharing some of the goals here in public.(For the record, all of the goals are clean;)) Any hoo, the point of writing is that as and when I get to tick the pointers of the list, I will document it here in this blog.
            So here begins my 30-before-30 challenge. Wish me luck..

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