Friday, 3 January 2014

Rain, rain go away

One sure-shot thing I know about myself is that I am not rain-child.

No, I am not a rain-child as the only link that binds me with rain is that I was born in the month of July which is the monsoon month in India otherwise  I despise getting wet in rain.

No, I am not a rain child as I am of the kind who believes that rain is nice only when you view it from the inside of your home or any place which has roof. If in my home, I love the pitter-patter of rain, the bright colour of the freshly-washed leaves, the earthy scent of the air, the hot cup of tea and pakoras that is the treat of this season.

No, I am not a rain child as I tend to get wet even after holding the umbrella and getting wet in rain is something which I don’t like.

No, I am not a rain child as my favourite time is not the time when it rains but the time when the clouds are pregnant and about to pour rain any-time, when the air breezes past you with the hint of rain in them and the period after the rains have stopped. That is the time when I wish to get out and feel the air on my skin and return back in the comforts of my home with the first splash of the rain.

No, I am not the rain person as though I enjoy watching people dancing in the rain but I don’t do it myself(may be I have done it once or twice with friends).

So spring-woman can be my name or summery breeze can be my game or winter afternoons I look forward to and autumn colours I so want, but rainy days are not favourite days.


  1. yay... hi-five :-)

  2. yay!! and i thought i was in minority:) welcome to the blog..