Monday, 20 January 2014

Ajmer-Pushkar: Travelogue

Last weekend we took a trip to Ajmer-Pushkar. Ajmer Sharif is known all over the world for the dargah of Sufi saint Moinuddin Chisti. Pushkar, anearby town of Ajmer (11km ahead of Ajmer) is famous for one of the few Brahma Temple.
        The best way to reach Ajmer from Delhi is by train. Ajmer Shatabdi leaves the New Delhi Railway Station at 0615 hours in the morning and reaches Ajmer junction at 1240 hours. The same train leaves for Delhi at 1545hours and reaches Delhi at 2240 hours. Many people who come for Darshan at Dargah take this train for their to-and-fro travel.
          We took this train and after reaching at Ajmer Railway junction, deposited our luggage with camera at the Railway Station Cloak Room. (Cameras are not allowed inside Dargah but mobilephones are allowed). I have read that there is a cloak room outside the dargah as well but was not sure of that. So off we deposited our luggage and before proceeding to dargah took our lunch at a nearby restaurant. The Lonely Planet guidebook had suggested "Honeydew Restaurant" is nearby railway station. So that was our venure for lunch.
          We decided to took rickshaw to go to Dargah but soon realised that it was a bad decision. The road to Dargah from Railway station is steep at times and it would take about the same time to reach the dargah if we had walked the way. The road towards dargah was lined with shops on both sides.
           On the way we met a gentleman who without asking for it startd guiding us to the dargah. The man had intense eyes like Irfan Khan. Through Gate no. 2 where we deposited our shoes, he guided us to a shop to buy chadar for price as high as Rs. 500/-. We modestly declined and purchased one flower basket from the shop and stepped ahead. By now, the gentleman sensing our austerity had left us.
            Soon we were inside the dargah and after offering our prayers we were back in the complex. In the complex there is a huge chowk and in the afternoon it was getting some good sunshine.Who doesnt want some good sun in the winters. So after clicking some photos, we came back outside. Outside I found that the locker facility was just outside the Gate-No.2.
            I wish we had taken some good photos here to upload in blog but the few photos we took were selfies from our mobile.

            By 3:00pm we were back in the station after darshan and were haggling with taxi drivrs to take us to Pushkar. The journey to be continued tomorrow with a lot of pics...


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