Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Random memories and dreams that involve music

Random memories and dreams that involve music
1)      My earliest memories of music is holidays, afternoon time, lying in cool bed with my head on my mom’s knee and listening to cassettes in the tape-recorder. Getting up from bed every-time when the cassette stops after its full turn to change side , or pressing the button of fast-forward or rewind to get to the favorite song and playing it on loop.

2)      Children who grew-up in 90s will vouch for this one. A new album of Pankaj Udhas was launched and the title track was ‘Aur ahista kijiye baatein’. The video of the song featuring Sameera Reddy depicts the love-story (inspired from “The Gift of Magi”)of an Indian girl and English boy. My favorite-est video of that time. I would stop on my tracks when that song used to come on-screen. I loved that song so much that I decided to buy the album cassette to listen that song only. So, on my mummy’s birthday, along with a card came a small wrapped gift. No guesses, it was this cassette only and as soon as she unwrapped it, I told her how beautiful its songs are and almost snatched it from her hands to play it on the tape-recorder.

3)      In my college years I was gripped with the “Sa Re Ga Ma” fever (a singing reality show). During that period sometimes when I used to sing/ hum in the solitude of my hostel room,  the scene was something like..my right-hand would be curled in a way that looked like I was holding a mike and the fingers of other hand Oh yes imagine a girl sitting on her study chair with a fat Communications book opened in front of her and she looking I front of ger (sometime with closed eyes) singing a song with one hand working as mike and the other waving as per beats of songs.

4)      Bryan Adams was the first English singer that I actually listened. I borrowed his cassette “Best of Me” from my friend to listen him first time.

5)      I think that I have an okay sort of voice and plan to learn music some-day. Someday yeah!!