Monday, 13 January 2014


It's almost 10 pm by the clock and I still have not written the post for today. I had plans to write the book review of the latest book I had read and I had even started the post in the wordpad while I was in office. But just after writing a few paragraphs, I saved it in my gmail and decided that I will finish it in home.

As I reached home, I was aghast to find that the big whole bunch of the keys that I carry have not the key of the main door. (Since ZZ goes office late than me, it is he who locks the door and by reaching home earlier than him I have to open the door). I was about to go to my friend's who live in the same colony that I am, but then remebered that she has in-laws and guests at home. So I went to the terrace to take a little walk. It was cold here and I feared that I might catch cold but then had no other option to do.  I called ZZ to ask about his wherabouts and found out that I have to wait for 20-30 minutes.

After some good 10-15 minutes I went to the nearby market to pass some time and couldn't resist getting 'samosas' to eat with the evening tea. By the time I reached home ZZ had arrived. I got a bit upset with ZZ as his utmost reaction was not that I had to wait for such a long time in cold but his curiosity on how could I forgot the keys. I told him in not-so-calm voice that I didnt forget the keys but somehow the main dooor key is 'missing' from the bunch. There is a difference!!! In about 5 minutes the silent war was over and we were there drinking our tea and relishing samosas.

Tomorrow is "Makar Sankranti". In North,(UP, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and some other areas) there is this custom of making "Khichdi" and eating "Gur" (jaggery) and "Til" (sesame seeds) this day. I made a local delicacy which is made of wheatflour, jaggery and sesame seeds. It tasted a bit different than what it usually  taste like. The culprit was the multi-grain flour that I used instead of normal wheat flour. But ZZ and I consoled ourselves that these may not be as tasty as it should be but they are definitely more nutritious. "Dil behlane ke liye ghalib khayal achcha hain." Mummy suggested that since the muhurut of  Makar Sankranti is beginning from the evening of 14th, I should rather make "khichdi" on the morning of 15th if possible.I blatantly told her that it is not possible for me to make lhichdi in the morning but I am more than ready to make it continously on the evenings of 14th and 15th for making khichdi is always easier than the roti-sabzi-dal combo of the dinner.

I had thought of wearing sari to office tomorrow but right now I am feeling tired to get up and take the sari out of the suicase and iron it. So may be day after tomorrow.

In the street, the music system is playing "Lungi Dance" at top volume and from faraway I can hear the dhol. It's Lohri today.

So Happy Lohri friends!! And wishing you Happy Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Bihu.

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