Monday, 6 January 2014

Wodehouse love

The first P G Wodehouse I read was in 2009: “The Laughing Gas”. This was the book that I borrowed from my Club library and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was only after 3-4 years, when on a general talk of books with brother A, I asked him to read P G Wodehouse and how he would definitely going to enjoy it.  To gift him his first P G Wodehouse, I desperately looked for ‘Thank You Jeeves” to get him started on the Wooster-Jeeves series but to no avail. Soon I forgot about that book and later dear husband surprised me by  gifting me the same book. When A came on to visit us, I raved once again on how he should read P G Wodehouse and the good boy, instead of buying himself the books, bought 2 more for me telling me that I should read it more if I liked the author so much. Then later I landed on this amazing website where I got to download pdf format of some more Wodehouse.

So December was my P G Wodehouse month where I got to read 4 books by Wodehouse and currently reading the fifth one. The last book I read (finished) was “Psmith in the City” and absolutely loved it. This was my first of the Psmith series and I fell in love with this character of Psmith: the immaculately-dressed, philosopher young man of communalism inclining with the heart of gold.

The story revolves around a talented cricketer Mike and his friendship with Psmith. When his father got financially stuck, Mike had to leave his dream of university and get into a banking job in faraway London where to his utter surprise he found his old friend Psmith also employed in the bank. To the shy cricketer Mike who is gem of a person but gets tongue-tied when he has to express his emotions, Psmith has got the gift of gab talking nineteen to a dozen and knows how to make friends (and unknowingly enemies).The book is a joyous read of their their dreams and ambitions and their adventures with the bank manager who is an old friend of Psmith’s father. So again I receommended the book to A whose review I am yet to receive though I am pretty sure he has not yet read it.

Looking forward to more Wodehouse readings this year.

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