Friday, 24 January 2014


  • Today morning I read an article in newspaper on how bad posture can lead to neck and back problems in future and how Yoga is an easy way to attain good posture. I resolved to do it from today onwards. more than 12 hours have passed, I have eaten my dinner and watching a movie and plans to go to sleep soon after that and I realize hat my resolution for yoga today has gone kaput. A resolution that didnt stay for one day. Shame!!! And this remind me that doing physical exercise and yoga everyday was my New Year 2014 resolution and that too didn't stay even a day. Double shame!!! I blame the cold weather for this. When the weather improves, I will surely stick to it. And the point is even while writing it, I know that this is not going to happen soon.
  • Rafael Nadal won his semifinal against Roger Federer. Yippie!!  
  • For the first time, I watched any video from my office-seat Yes few glimpses of the aforementioned match.
  • Something I was looking forward to got cancelled. And strangely, I am not reacting over it as I thought I would. Yes, I am getting there..The Zen stage. lol.
  • I made creamy pasta for dinner.
  • The Sale season is going to end soon. I have plans to raid malls this weekend.
           Oh there are people who can write pages after pages even on topic like "What to write?". I distinctly remember, in Hindi language there is a classic essay on "Kya Likhu?" which used to be in our syllabi. Which class? I dont remember. But I am just a mortal. When I wonder about what to write (for today's post ofcourse), I am not able to wax eloquently like them. I just jot down the happenings of my day in bullet-points. 

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