Thursday, 23 January 2014

Observations on Shopping expedition

With this “Sale” season going on, my mind knows what to think about. I love Sales. It is just that I don’t exploit it to my benefit as much as I want. So while I can share my shopping woes some other day, let me share some of the moments which I have experienced during mall-hopping.

Light-bulb moment:  There are a lot of young parents who carry their oh-so-young kids in strollers all around the malls. Even at crazy places like Big Bazaar stores. Earlier I used to judge them and  wonder why do these guys bring such young babies to these places where there is so rush and noise. The babies lie flat on their strollers and there can be chances if something drops over them or somebody collides with the stroller, or so I used to thought. But then on my another excursion through mall on seeing those parents and kids, the light-bulb in my mind lighted and I realize they bring their babies for shopping etc with them because they had to as they might not have support at home to look after their kid. And with this wisdom I realize how difficult is parenting. Who knows someday I myself would be the one carrying my baby in stroller roaming around malls.

Oops moment:  This kind of incidents have happened with a lot. I would loiter around the collections of different brands and find something good in one of the racks. Unable to find my size, I would look around to find the sales representative. I would go to the sort-of uniformed guy in black sweater to ask him if x size is available for that particular item. That guy would try to ignore me. I push myself ahead to ask him again the same question. The guy would stare back at me and blankly say “I don’t know.” Then I would realize that this guy is not the sales guy but some random shopper like me. It is definitely embarrassing to both of us. And I resolve that next time before thinking anyone as sales guy, I will triple-check.Have something like this happened to you? You, the-random-reader-who-has-lost-his-path-in-blogosphere-and-still-reading-this-piece.

Eureka moment: You are browsing the stores when you find something which is in your to-buy list but which is not something you are here for to buy and that too at a good discount. The happy-dance in your heart moment. The Eureka moment. I experienced this moment when I found my shopping bag from Mango for less than Rs.1000/-.

WTF moment: When you go to buy jeans for yourself and in the trial room realizes that you are able to fit neither in the size that you normally wear nor in jeans one-size bigger. *true story*
Sigh-of-relief moment: You can fight the parking woes during sale time, even rush ahead to snatch your likes (in your size) from the racks but oh how the patience is tested when one have to wait for long in the queue  in front of trial rooms. The trial rooms where there are women who after every trail came out of the store and go all the way to the entrance of the trial section to get the opinion of their husbands, friends, mothers. So the sigh-of-relief moment comes when you get the trial room empty and don’t have to waste your time standing in queue or you finally get thfruit of your patience and at last got the trial room.

Upset moment:  When you plan to expand your wardrobe and  do a lot of shopping and collect hordes of clothes for trial but came out with none, if lucky one, piece that actually fits/ suits you.

Happy Moment: When you plan to expand your wardrobe and  do a lot of shopping and collect hordes of clothes for trial and amazingly you have selected the best that fits/suits you.

Right now, "Notting Hill" is coming on "Z Studio".Love this movie..

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