Wednesday, 5 December 2012

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        With just 2 posts in 2012, the blog had become a half-yearly event, BUT then there happens something in your life, which needs a mention in your blog. Right!! No..the blog was always in my mind when things happened to me but I just kept postponing it and hola, its December!!
          delhte hi dekhte, 2012 is coming to an end.And even though 2012 has not been a favourite year and from last few months, office life is pain, it needs a summary. I have never documented anything like this earlier, but then in this blog, I found a link to Weverb12 and decide to hop on it. 
          And now that I have been 5 days late, let me write it all in a single post.

Dec 1: Compose
I have never written a haiku nor know its rules (except that its short, 3 lines etc) but let me describe my 2012:
Dark night:
Search for self
Unending, unnerving
May bliss be mine.

Dec 2: Watch
The movie of this year that I would recommend to a friend would be "English Vinglish"

Dec 3: Stay
I have a monkey mind and a monkey heart. I have heard a few comments about me stating that I look lost at times.So to truely stay in the moment is effort. I so want to do meditation, but then laziness has always been my second name. But this year, with so much negativity and politics, I think its my family and ZZ which helped me to stay in the moment. Also I am trying to meditate and form a relationship with God.

Dec 4: Experiment
This made me thinking. But recently on my office tour, I took a half-day detour and visited Amritsar to see Golden Temple. This was first solo travel as a tourist, and I loved it. Got to visit the Temple, some shopping at market, food at Brotheren da Dhaba. I ticked all points my To-Do list. Yes, I will definitely like to travel solo again.
Also I ran 5k Amateur Run. My first and only time. Just after my birthday. And alas, after that I stopped my daily practice. Yes, let this winter pass, and I will be on my tracks again.

Day 5: Fellowship
Online, I have become addicted to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) blogs like YoungHouseLove, BowerPower and I wasted spent many a hours surfing them. Did created a few things for home. While I love the arty-crafty stuff, when I see those people doing big-time renovations in their homes, I am awestruck. 
Offline, there is no specific community I am engaged in. There have been phases: running, books etc. But nothing concrete. And what I get from it was also not concrete , just temporary satisfaction. so next year will devote more time in to these activities.

Hmmm, so this was my 101th post and my nth attempt to keep this blog journey continue.

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