Monday 6 August 2012

Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage

Just an attempt to share "words of wisdom":p 

I am not a relationship expert nor am I so smart
All I know is one thing that marriage is tricky art
Like in every relation there are highs and lows
Some days of pure ectasy, some agony in full dose.
                         Love grows with time, they say and they sure are not wrong.
                          This thread of love that ties two makes a bond strong
                           If care is not taken, the thread can break as well
                           It takes two to tango, and two  to swell a hell.
A new journey begins after the vows of “I do”
“Sweet Heart”,” I am busy”,” I love you too”
“You always ..”, “You never..”,  “How can you?”
Is the order of marriage to name a few..
                                                      Some hugs of care, few tears of joy
                                                      Some touch-me-not, some hurtful cries
                                                      These scenes from a marriage are true to say
                                                      It happens in every marriage, come what may.
Doesnt really matter if its love or if its arranged
It takes love and respect to make marriage stand
And some words of love, little appreciation
A little adjustment, words of inspiration. 
                                      I am not a relationship expert nor am I so smart
                                      But for a happy journey in the marriage cart
                                      Just believe in your love no matter the weather
                                      Its always better when we are together.
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