Saturday, 29 December 2012

Tag: Weverb Dec 21-Dec 25

Dec 21: read [LIVE]
Did you read a book this year that left you craving more when it was over?

Not any book I read this year but "The Time Traveller's wife" (read last year) made me left wondering even after it was over.

Dec 22: recharge [CREATE]
What did you do to recharge your batteries in 2012?

It must be the evil of internet  but this is how I wasted my time and this is what I used to recharge the batteries as well.

Dec 23: communicate [LISTEN]
Describe a conversation that you had this year. Why was it memorable?

It was talk with my father who told me when I was sharing with him the problems in office, to look forward, that this happens in everyone's work life and in life there will many more difficulties, you just keep calm and enjoy.

Dec 24: delight [HOPE]
How can you bring more joy into your life in 2013?
1) By not sweating over the small stuff.
2) By Meditation and exercise
3) By enjoying each day as it comes.
Oh, how I wish I do all this and more in the coming year and life..

Dec 25: give [CREATE]
What was the best gift you gave someone this year?
Though I love to receive gifts, I am not very good in gift giving department. I framed the nameplate that I had made, wrapped it up to gift it to ZZ for anniversary but didnt out any sticker over it. ZZ sniffed that his wife is giving him that colourful painting she has been making in his presence itself, found out that it was hiding in her wardrobe, pasted a sticker "Dear Wife, Happy Anniversary, from ZZ!!". Yes, its true. I received the gift that I made myself and that I was to give it to him. It was hilarious and I couldnt stop laughing when before I could bring it out, he handed me it. Talk about timing and most importantly, Sticker that proclaims who gifted who!!

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