Monday, 12 December 2011

A monday morning of December

As I enter that compact room
That seats four and some more
I bowed to the man sitting ahead
And waved as another passes by the door

I went to the small cabin inside
To mark my presence for today
And back to a table that houses
A pile of folders with sticky notes

I powered on and logged-in the screen ahead
And checked the emails of previous days
And replied to some and forwarded a few
And later browsed the company’s web page.

It’s a cold Monday morning, I woke up late
And rushed my way to this place
The mood not good and the work too
Is not feeling the same today

And as I sip the office tea
I noticed the sunlight playing
on the glass surface of the table
Filtering from the large window panes

Yes it’s a cold Monday morning
And now I feel warm
For the winter sun has given
This day a blissful charm.

And now I also remember
The boss is today on leave
Oh what more can I want from Monday
Some sunshine and some peace.

Edited to add: this i wrote in the morning and by evening there was no peace but some turmoil in the mind. Hope all will be well.

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