Wednesday, 28 December 2011

10 Day You Challenge: 3 movies

3 Movies

1) 1Dil Chahta Hain: The kind of movie I would enjoy watching again and again and this statement itself speaks a lot on how much I like that movie. Superb styling, witty dialogues, fantastic acting and fabulous script. “Hum Cake khan eke liye kahi bhi pahuch jate hain..”, “ Tumke kya lagta hain main pillow mein roz baithta hoon?’ etc still can bring a smile on the face.

2) Before Sunrise/ Before Sunset: I have to trust my brother’s choice. He told me long ago that “Before Sunrise’ is a nice movie and you would love watching it. But like his every advice, I ignored and one fine day when I watched this movie (smuggled from his Hard disc), I fall in love with the movie, the actors especially Julie Delpy (such an original) , the locales. The kind brother helped again telling me that its sequel is also there. Downloaded the movie and yes, I enjoyed it as much as the earlier one. One (Two) of the favourites.

3) Amelie: The very charming Audrey Toutou stole the heart. I get ZZ to download this movie for me. Loved the movie. Have already watched it thrice.


  1. i have before sunrise/before sunset in the laptop since ages and somehow i don't feel like watching it . After your recommendation i am surly going to watch it. Somehow i didn't like Amelie , left it in between :(

  2. go watch it, dear..i m sure u ll love watching it..