Saturday, 30 July 2011

10 day You Challenge-Seven Wants

Seven Wants:

1) Some bright coloured clothes in my wardrobe. Just noticed that my wardrobe is full of earth tomes of black, brown, green and blue.
2) A clean flawless skin. And then I promise I will take good care of that. At present, the only skin-care I do is to take 8 + hours sleep, haha. That reflects- the oily, patchy, blemished, tanned, big-pored, acne-prone skin.
3) A job at TLC for both me and ZZ. That way we can both roam, explore and see the new destinations free of cost.
4) Big half-yearly holidays intermixed with small breaks fortnightly.
5) An elegantly done house with balconies (lined with bonsai s), big lawn, a small backyard at a nice location.
6) A good active lifestyle.
7) And last but not the least, World-Peace.

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