Thursday, 21 July 2011

10 Day You Challenge: 9 loves

Continuing the tag from here, today is the confession of 9 loves.

I love:

1) my sweaters knitted by my mummy . I don’t know knitting and i have made a pact with her that she is going to knit for my kids.

2) houses with balconies. I would any day take a room with balcony over a ground-floor room.

3) sense of humour of my father.

4) deep husky strong voice in men, in women also. Not the kind of Rani Mukherji voice but Angelina Jolie type voice. Strong and clear. I remember during my school days when I had got a bad cough and got my voice all hoarse, I secretly loved it and was sad when I lost my sexy voice. Ala Phoebe from Friends.

5) the idea of being in love.

6) New destinations, great vacations, good food, nice company, great movies, awesome books- i love them like everybody else.

7) sunny mornings on winter days, cool breeze on rainy days, flowers around in spring, colours of autumn and sunscreen on summer days.

8) the beautiful and cute twin kids who used to live in my building at my previous place. They were so adorable. They used to call my specs “Ai” for ‘Ainak”. Here I written one of their tales. They are the most adorable and smartest kids I have known.

9) the expression on my brother’s face when I crack my ‘deadly’ PJs and crass jokes.

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