Sunday, 24 July 2011

10 Day You Challenge: 8 fears

Continuing the tag, here is the list of Eight Fears. Following are my eight fears that can be tamed and win over:

1) I fear that I will never gain weight. I so want to gain weight and look different from my earlier self.

2) I fear that I can never drive in the insane city traffic.

3) I fear that I am not becoming the person I want to be. I know this, I fear this but I am not at all doing anything towards it.

4) I fear if all the dreams I have will be dreams only.

5) I fear of heights.

6) I fear that I might turn into a non-active, non-spiritual, lazy woman who don’t exercise, yoga, pray and is lazy to do her household chores and cook and clean and attend functions.

7) I fear that I will never learn swimming.

8) Lizards..

Now that I have documented the fears I have, I will come back here from time to time to check if I have overpowered them or not.

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