Monday, 18 July 2011

10 Day You Challenge-10 Secrets

Saw this "I, Me,Myself" kinda "10 Day You Challenge" in this blog. This being my birth-month and in a hope to end the blog-draught, here I am taking up this Challenge. As per rules, it is to be done in 10 consecutive days. But well (lets make our own rules) my challenge is to complete it by Julu end.

Here are my Ten Secrets:

  • I am not crazy over Harry Potter series or Twilight series. I have not read any of those books from the series and don’t follow the movies very keenly. Apart from the main characters, I hardly know the names of the other characters. The same goes for the Twilight series.
  • I love to sing. Blame it on those days singing reality shows, when I was alone, I used to sing with one of my hand folded as a mike and other hand gesturing the surs of the music. In my college 1st year, my room was next to 4th year Senior Maam who was the singing champion of the college. Through the open window, my soulful;) voice must have reached her ears as on her farewell, she called me and complimented that she loves my voice and asked me to participate me in the college annual function. I famously couldn’t cleared the Auditions.
  • On the eve of fourth semester examination of “Network Theory”, I famously slept from 7:00pm in the evening to 8:00am in the next morning. The room mate, friends all came in the regular intervals to wake me up but I didnt budge and wake up at my sweet own time. Then grew morose, cried a tear or two on my situation, flirted with the books and notes and went to the exam at 2:00pm. Thankfully the paper was easy and I passed. A friend told me after exam, “I was looking at you time to time. To check if you are writing anything or not. And when you get up to take another copy, I sighed a relief, even if garbage at least she is writing”:) Luckily cleared the exam and all friends checked to see my marks in that subject. When I look back I couldn’t understand why did I do that.
  • I didnt know how to carry an umbrella. Monsoon time, rainy mornings, big bag on the shoulders, black polished shoes, neatly pressed dress- almost all my friends will come safe with not a drop of water in their clothes and I would have my shirt sleeves and skirt ends wet with rain.
  • Shantaram, Midnight’s Children, Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Catch-22- all Classics-all books I have left half-read. *hangs her head in shame*
  • For past 8-9 years my weight is almost constant as is my height;), no matter how much I eat. And I am underweight as per BMI.
  • I am not good with showing emotions through words. I cry when I feel bad, when I am emotional, and usually at loss of words to show my gratitude, condolence towards others, especially when it comes to talk to some elder or rude person.
  • I wished I have departed on better terms from my last office.
  • You know there are some people who are so level-headed at all times, who don’t panic at crisis. I admire them.
  • For the past couple of years, yoga and pooja everyday is in my New Year Resolution list every year. And I have never been able to complete this one it due to sheer laziness. Mornings are a hurry and evenings are busy or so is the excuse I give myself for this inactivity.

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  1. aahhh so many of them are my secrets too , truly cancerian stuff ;)