Monday, 1 August 2011

10 Day You Challenge: 6 places

This tag was supposed to be done by July end and I have just reached half-way..So without any delay lets continue the tag. Today os the turn of 6 places:
1) Milam: To see the splendid beauty I have heard of only.
2)Laddakh: What to say. If you havent seen Ladakh, well you havent seen anything. or so I think. I so want to be there.
3) Goa: I thought I wouldnt like that place, that paradise of so-called hippies, well I so didnt know myself. I loved that place. If possible every year I can go and stay there and not yet get bored.
4) Europe: Not just a place, a country but the entire continent from Turkey to Holland.
5) Thailand: Just to see the beaches there and gorge on the heavenly food and shopping and some foor massage and temple-visits..
6) Home: After all the travels, its good to be back to the home, to the loving faces of all those who matters most.

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  1. all the best of places :) loved the last one the ,most