Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Friend- D (Part 1)

I have decided long ago that if I write any book there will specially be a chapter about all the people because of whom i am what i am and the title woulde be "Good People that surround Me"..So aptly the label of the book-turned-blog is "Good People that surround Me".
It's the month of March and around me I hear conversations with words like "Women's Day" so I decided to look back at all the beautiful angel souls that touched my heart .Among them was a face which now is just a memory; it was of D.
When I was in Class VIth I moved to a bigger school in the same town.In the previous school I was among the Top-3 and a member of the elite dance group that always win all the district level dance competitions of its category.With her it was not a first day friendship.Infact till Class VIIIth we were just OK sort of friends, more competitors..In the Annual Exams we both were IInd in the class,same to same grand total!!We had Kunwar Sir, our Maths teacher who used to oil the competency in the class so that we can improve.He used all "Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed" and expected us to know all the Maths formulae in finger-tips.Those were the days!!! By Class IXth all the 10 girls of my batch leave that school for various reasons.She moved to Udhampur with her Armyman father. I was all alone but soon with new admissions there were 2 more girls in my class and then I got bust with the Boards and all. Kunwar Sir was still there and when Board results came he managed to know how D and another of my class-mate N who had moved to better school in bigger city had fared and conveyed it to me..D this time was 2 marks ahead of me but Kunwar Sir reasoned that you have fared better respective of the teching conditions... I was nonchalent about that.I was happy for myself.
In Class XIIth she came back to the town.Her maternal grand-parents and Mummy used to live there.I still dont know the exact reasons why she came back there leaving the good Army School. but was happy to see her again.She had grown more beautiful.I forgot to tell you that she had big, beautiful eyes and living in the best environ of Army School has given her exposure and moulded her in a confident,English-speaking girl....
(to be continued..)

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