Tuesday, 31 March 2009

"Kareena Aunty bhi to.........."

There live 2 cute twins in my neighbourhood.They are damn cute and naughty.Just 3 year old girls and they can make you fall in love with them with their sweet innocenct and expressive chats.....So one day they had come at my place and were as usual, as the kids do, looking around the rooms, fiddling around,asking about the new stuff they see ,picking whatever amuses their curiosity et al.

So, just to amuse them and have fun,I asked "lets dance,k".they grinned.The player started playing a slow song to which they showed their displeasure,I changed it quickly and as "Ye ishq hai"(Jab We Met fame) floated in the air ,their feet started tapping and they were charged to scorch the dance floor...Soon one of them instead of dancing started swirling around (errrr i mean swirling become her dance steps)..I tried to stop her saying "mat karo.chakkar aa jayega, bachche....", her reply was enough to make me ROTFL "naiiiiiiiiiiii,Kareena Aunty bhi to aise hi ghoomti hain gaane mein..." :D:D
Hain koi jawaab ab???


  1. jawab? Question hi nahi toh jawab kahan se hoga? :-)
    Kids hv their own world filled with beautiful stuff. Either enjoy seeing them or join in and be one of th ekids urself. SIghhh....

    Ill visit u more.

    Anand. ;-)

  2. @ om, :D:D only kids can say such:))

    @anand, welcome hya...ahemmmm....par bina sawalo ke bhi jawaab hote hain:) hope to see more of u in this space...

  3. Way to go, brave lady. I'm so proud of u. :-)

  4. Hahaha :D

    So sweet :D On top of that, the baccha said Kareena 'Aunty'. Lolz!