Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Random thoughts on marriage n movie

In a next few days i ll be attending a very dear friend's wedding...after that in May there are back-2 back weddings of 2 friends.In the last couple of months, precisely from November onwards, i have attended 2 marriage functions , missed 4 invitations .....It's alwayz been nice to be a part of such a important occasion of life of your friends and it become sheer delight and fun if your other friends would be attending that function too..By 2009 almost all of my friends will be experiencing the marriage bliss.....At times I like this idea of being in a relationship but then i wont hide that committment sometimes scare me a bit.....I think it happens..Grass is always greener at the other side...When single, one wishes to be in relationship and once committed, one dreams of those free days and yearns to go back again...BUT i am sure and hope that all my friends are and will be living the sequel of the stories that end with "Happily thereafter ..."

This weekend got a chance to see the movie "Romancing the Stone "( yeah, yeah the same Michael Douglas one about which there are talks that its sequel will be filmed in India)..I used to swear by the fact that i am a romcom-comedy-reality movies type and action and fantasy films are not my type...But hey, i was there giving a smirk to those witty dialogues of Douglas and gasping in awe at places and grinning ear-to-ear at the funny moments.Meanwhile, my friend commented "He's not that bad yaar...handsome hain" about Douglas...haha, total time-pass stuff and i feel good after seeing the movie..2 hours fully Utilized:)):))

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