Friday, 10 April 2009

AAH se AHA tak

Yesterday morning begins as usual. The alarm rang at 6.00 am exact and i wake up at 6:45 approx .But the new development was the excrutiating pain (ok i am a bit exaggerating, just pain) on my right shoulder and arm....the legend behind this is that the day before yours truly had played Badminton after a long hiatus and the muscles were just showing the aftereffect of that...
The office work was fine but i was not in a great mood .No special reason for that. At times i get such bouts of mood swings.Not my fault, not my fault.the crab is like that only.Now as luck would have it, my mother called me after lunch in office..Generally she calls in the evenings or night after i reach home..
Here is our converstation:
Mummy:hello beta, office mein right??
Me: hii!! haan yaa, office mein hi thi"
Mummy: kaise ho?? surprised!!i just felt like talking to you..
Me: Mummy, i am tired * in an equally exhausted voice*
Mummy: *now serious* kya?? what happened beta??
Me:i am tired, tired of...........
Me: i ll be coming ghar(hometown) day after tomorrow ..will talk you then....bye..
Mummy: kya huwa?? achcha office ke baad shaam ko i ll call you, take care ...

After hanging up, i was like "baah, what the $#%& i talk to her??why did i act so melodramatic to her??now she would be worrying..i am such a mood-spoiler"..I could feel the pain on the slight movement of the right arm.My office colleague who sits beside me, had taken leave post-lunch and it was now onto my responsibility to receive his phones as well as we both work on the same module..Only i knew how was i feeling when i hear that cranking sound of phone ringing and the displeasure would surely be noticed in my voice as well....

As i ll be leaving to my hometown there were some shopping that i had to do...with a super-crank mood, i came back,had my tea and rushed to market.Things were not good there too...The tailor from where i have to take my dress was not there at the shop and would be coming in a short while...urrrghh....The deo which i use was out-of-stock/ not available in the shops i asked and so on..after 30 minutes i went back to the boutique with the "do-or-die" attitude and found the him my dress.On the way , stopped at the chaat shop, packed "Panipuri" and "Shahi Samosa"( if you are wondering what was 'shahi' in the samosa then, friends the stuffing was of mixed veg instead of potato and the shape was like half-kachori..even i ate that first time) and come back home....

Now i have this habit(i doubt if there is anyone who dont have) to test the new dress as soon as i get it and analyze it from all angels .But pet-pooja first..So i gorged on the panipuri first and then had the dress-rehersal of the marriage event thati ll be going to attend, for which the dress was purchased. The dress was super-fit ( an unusual case as i seldom get satisfied from the first tailoring and it always go for the alter)..As i was analyzing the dress, the phone rang.It was mummy...
"haan, aur beta kya kar rahe ho??"
"arre mummy, dress try kar rahi thi...aaj hi layi shop se..i wonder if this colour would look good in day-time..par abhi to achchi lag rahi hain..."
i heard her laughing..we didnt discuss the day's conversation..
i think she knows her loony, eccentric child...
after indulging the heavy shahi samosa , i went to bed with a smile...and did i tell you i didnt feel the pain since the moment i ate pani-puri........:))

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