Thursday, 19 March 2009

Management Lessons from my maid

My maid has worked for 26 years, or so she proclaims.So here is the gyan I have got from her 'Professionalism' (huhh??) in a year:))

Management Lessons from my maid:


1) Whenever the employer(M,me) seems angry, not in good mood dont talk much to her instead work hard, clean the gas-stove ,wash the dishes in time and yes when she, the employer reaches from the office be ready with a cup of hot tea.

2) Never directly ask for money/increment.Instead weave the story of how the other employers have increased their maid's salary even though they work less harder than the maid.

3) Never nag/ask for salary on the due date.Money can wait.If the employer is not paying her on time there may be some genuine reasons like she may not be having the ready cash or was forgetting to pay at times.BUT if the delay is prolonged, hit the button and ask directly.

4) Be polite to employer's family.

5) Work is worship.No matter there are temptations to be back in your home and not come to duty, BUT come and work.If taking leave, duly tell the employer with prior notice.

6)Have a heart.Be human.Every employer is a human too so care for your employer.

7) Money is not the most important thing in life BUT it is important.So whenever you feel you deserve it, fight for it.

8) Be resouceful, even if you cant read, be ready to go to the extra mile to get the parcha(note) written by your employer for you read by anyone nearby so that you can act accordingly.

9)Have multiple skills and let your employer know of them or at least have a hint of them.This way your employer can utilize more of you making you indispensable.

10)Look for new oppurtunities.Feel free to show your interest whenever you find one where you can give your inputs and ask for recommendations from your employer if needed....


  1. your maid seems to be VERY good! Unlike ours, my mother's day begins by waiting for her...and end by cribbing about her! we just hope to donate her to someone for no money...but she is actually nice, she stays at home if someone is ill because she thinks that my mother does know 'know' anything!

  2. this time my comment seems to have vanished..commented here last night but cant see it anywhere..lagta hai wordpress and blogspot ke beech kuch serious issues hain!
    very well written have one happening maid with you...usko pakar ke rakhna they have become rarity these days :)

  3. @ ramya,om,shruti
    "happening n good!!" if her other customers hear this they'll look at me as if i have gone out of my mind..:))
    the qualities she possess or the lack of it:)) prompted me to write this post as this way i can notice the things with the perspective of an employer and not as an employee...

  4. Lucky you, how on earth did you manage to find such a wonderful maid????
    There came a point in my life when I realised that she was adding to my stress and was the biggest headache in my life. I was so fed up her that I decided not to keep any domestic help and do all my work myself.I did that for about 10 months. It wasn't easy but I was so much at peace. phew!

    I wish there was a cell for 'kaamwali bai peditt' I will be the first one to approach them.

  5. @rhapsody:hahaha.."kaam wali bai ke pedit" lol...
    i think i have made my bai a hit coz i have not mentioned her "(un)cleanliness" and "excess-oily" food here..:D:D
    but i really like her for the fact unlike other bai-s she dont take many leaves and thus i get food at time..:))