Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Friend-D Part 2

continued from here.
n I was well the good girl of the neighbourhood and school. Th year she came, our Principal also got changed and a new dynamic Principal took charge.

When we were in Class VIIIth some girls including me n D started a love for Poetry writing and we all used to write poems on a topic in our free periods and then select whose was the best all the time appreciating other's creations.Those were the days!! With time that beautiful habit left me and the diary of my poems locked in the store gathered dust. So when D came back after her stint in Army School...her question to me was "Do you still write?" I shared a smile and from then in free periods the poetesses-in-making rekindled their romance with pen....As I look back, I find that the same question has been asked to me a couple of times by my college friends and seniors whenever we meet in social n/wing sites and I know for sure who started this thread...

That place was a small hilly town, away from the city pollution and exposure but thanks to Cable TV , I had access to MTV which I could watch whenever I could especially when Papa was not around. D had seen more world than me and from that world, she brought me the audio cassettes of Bryan Adams and Bacardi Blast and greatest Romantic Hits.Out of it, my favourite was "Inside Out" and as it was not easy to get the exact words out of the crooning voice of Adams, she had the lyrics wriiten on her diary for me to copy... She told me that words like 'S@#T' ,'f%#k' exists an some more gyan about the other big words.

There is a general tendency that smart girl doesnt make a good home maker.She was just 16-17 like me and I in that age I didnt even know how to fix a button or to make a round chapati (like other good parents my parents too think that this is an age to study and never tried to push me for that nor I had any desire to learn.I was happy with my drawings, magazines,dancing,watching mirror and TV-watching as hobbies) but she used to make her own breakfast as her mother had to leave early to taech at some far-away primary school and on Sundays she had even put Sari-fall on her mother's sarees...She was the ultimate Super-Girl for me..

Before she come, being of the senior class and my serene image(!!)I was one of the students whom younger students look up to.She brought with her the freshness and soon had quite a fan following among the younger students. My old school friends( the 2 who have started feeling uncomfortable in her presence and being the bridge, I was the peace-maker or uncomfortable talk-remover of the group. I remember the sight when in a debate competition(language no bar) she started her points in English and there were smirks and gasps among the competitiors and
the audience..In my new diary of Quotable Quotes, I had written my own new Quote-"Be inspired not jealous"..A reminder to myself to follow...

Class XII ended and yes this time too she leaded me with 5 marks..We ended up in different engineering colleges.My family too moved from that place and due to change in place I could not take her new address but friend that she was, she somehow got my new address and phone number.We were in contact through letters.Yes Letters!!21st century and letters!!! Her college was in Pune and she definitely had good access to internet options but my college being at remote area and no regular internet facility and mobile connection .I had told her that and this way letters were our communication medium.She was a champ and in letters when she used to tell how she managed to become the Runner-Up on Rose Day, I wondered how come she didnt win that.At times she would send me and her other friends hand-made cards on Friendship Day and oh yes a band too.We talked of crushes and semester exams and the frequency reduced with years but didnt vanished.. To her was my last letter addressed and I think hers was the last letter I received till date.

Before I passed out of my college, God had some other plans for her of her another life.
Today she is not here but this I know for sure she lived a life!! leaving cherished moments through old greeting-cards, crumpled letters, old photographs and loving memories......


  1. nice... read through the entire post slowly !!! and kind of visualized most of it !!!

  2. lovely post...comes straight from heart, I too could visualize everything...and love that quote of yours "Be inspired not jealous"
    keep writing...

  3. @prashant
    its hard to write about some person close to heart..still there is so much left unsaid
    thanks ya..hmm...the diary has been lost in translation but yes its contents are still in the mind:))