Monday, 23 February 2009

Jai Ho...!!!!!!

Rehman bought glory to India sweeping 2 OSCARS..:)):))
n India based "SlumDog Millionaire' bagged 8 out of 10 nominated awards and 'Smile Pinki" bagged the Oscars for Best Documentary..
n it was good to know that finally after 5 earlier nominations Kate 'Rose' Winslet win the Oscar. Since ""Hugh Jackman"" presented the show, I am planning to see a glimpse of the show tonight at Star Movies.Where else but at rich n benign friend's place:))!!!!
edited to add: Freida Pinto is one lucky girl..She 's going places,really, in all the Red Carpets of the world....Great yaa.. * with sigh and wish*


  1. I am a fan of Hugh Jackman too :) and Kate Winslet is also good...although I havnt seen any other movie of her's except the "Rose" one

  2. Yeaah , that was something really good... atleast makes indian people feel really good. Hope theres more to come..

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