Friday, 6 February 2009

Rehna Tu....Hain Jaise Tu

Rehna Tu....
Hain Jaise Tu
Thoda sa dard tu
Thoda Sukoon....
Tujhe badalna naa chahu
Ratti bhar bhi sanam..........
n so goes the melodious voice of Rehman from my music system and there i get transported to an altogether different world.Especially the flute playing in between the song gives it a very pious feeling.
Rehman, you rule!!!!
n oh the lyrics just talk about the "perfect" love.Does it exist????


  1. You Know Who I Am7 February 2009 at 16:57

    havnt heard the song yet...these days i am clueless about any new movie or song...but will download it today

    umm...."perfect love" sounds boring...i think the imperfections in love makes it all the more charming...

  2. Well I cant understand Hindi.. Its only bits and pieces...

  3. I dont think the English translation justifies the beauty of the hindi words by Prasoon Joshi...

    This is my latest favorite nowadays.. hear it everyday on my way to work

  4. @merlin
    completely agree!! prasoon joshi is a gem..i become his fan the moment i hear "kuch khushbuein" from 'phir milenge' movie...
    rehna tu is such a melodious song,love it :))