Tuesday, 10 February 2009


The company for which I work has separate units for engineering,admin and manufacturing.There are strict security norms followed in the engineering and manufacturing units.For going to manufacturing unit we had to get a Red-Pass issued from our Senior and our Company I-Card which is checked by the Security guards at the manufacturing gate.

On a fine day, as I had to go to the manufacturing unit for some work I get my Red-Pass signed by my senior and start searching hurriedly in my hand-bag.(On a side note ,unluckily I had forgot to bring my I-Card that day.Careless me!).So there I was, standing beside my desk and looking for my I-Card in my bag.
My senior: "What happened??"
Me:"It seems I have forgot to bring my I-Card,sheesh!"(still searching in my bag)
My senior: "haah, Girls carry so bade-bade bags but dont carry necessary items!! hahaha"
Me: :-


  1. Thats so true, i carry such a big bag, i never happen to find anything i need..

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  2. @ workhard :)) story of every girl i suppose:))

  3. Oh yeah, tell ya, my bag is filled with junk i barely use

  4. Oh sheesh... Why all girls r like ths?

    I have a teammate evrtime she has to come for a meeting she will come late... Reason: Forgot. But she nvr forgets to do maeup before comg to the meeting even if she is running late... Some of the traits of girls that cant be changed