Monday, 10 February 2014

Lessons to remember

The trip was planned two day in advance. The weather had been nice for these ywo days and we were looking forward to a sunny weather on the day of trip as well. The morning of the trip begun late. and by 8'o clock when everyone of us was ready, I looked outside. It was a cold grey day and had started drizzling. My first reaction was that of anger and annoyance. "Why!!! Its raining. Why does it have to rain today only. Its going to be a cold day.Bah. Why???!!" ZZ was non-chalent but wondered "It seems that it is going to rain continuously". Mummy was cool and pondered how nice it would have been if the weather were nice like the previous two days. I usually blame my irritable behaviour to my father. Oh its always better when you think you are not responsible for your behavious but its the fault of your genes;). Papa in his calm demeanour said " Its good that it has rained. It will provide the much needed moisture to the soil. Let's wait for some time and then start this journey."
Oh and we did start the journey within 15 minutes and the rain left us midway to our destination and the sun shone later.
And I was left wondering of the positive thinking of my father. Oh high time that I stop complaining and act positive.

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