Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Knowledge is Great


       Like every other child in middle-class home in India in 1990s, the only professions that I aspired were Medicine/ Engineering. If the child is good in life sciences, medicine was the way to go and if Maths is the subject one loves, Engineering was the aim. Those who did not have any inclination towards any subject were not considered bright. Today things have changed. We are living in interesting times. With exposure of the world and job opportunities, a child is exposed to different subjects and branches and is channeling one's studies in new directions.

        When I was a child I used to write diary. The description below my name used to be something like this:

                 Noble Prize Winner- Mathematics  (This was my favorite Subject then and I didnt know Mathematics is not any category for Nobel Prize)
                  Noble Prize Winner- Peace  (Oh that must be the Miss India in me speaking)
                  Noble Prize Winner- Literature  (The wish of the writer)
                  Oscar Award for Best Actress (uhmm the girl  sure had dreams. She still has.)

          I grew up to become an Engineer with an heart for all things Art and Humanities. If I could study/ specialize in my subject, it would be Sociology (Humanities) from the second oldest university in the English-speaking world, and the world's third-oldest surviving university.As per this website, University of Cambridge is the 6th best educational institution in the field of Humanities and the best in UK.I have always been interested in the psychology of man , psychology of society and what better way to channelize my interest by studying the subject and that from this renowned institute. The study of Sociology would help me in understanding of the public policy and social beliefs and the parities that exist among different societies.Sociology provides the rich picture of how the social world works.
          I read about the Cambridge university in some English story-book (I reckon it was part of the biography of Jawahar Lal Nehru of his young years- a part of our English textbook curriculum) in my childhood and being the dreamy person I used to be and I am, I have imagined many a times of myself studying in the prestigious institution.
            To me, Cambridge University is the ultimate university. The university where each stone speaks of history, where every path was taken by the intelligentia who influenced the world,where the classrooms and laboratories are filled with legends, where the air is enriched with the lives of its great students- from Srinivasa Ramanujan to Stephen Hawking, from Charles Darwin to Amartya Sen, from Charles Babbage to Salman Rushdie. Be it any field, the alumni of Cambrige have made their mark.

           And if the history itself is not enough, look at the view of one of the colleges of Cambridge University
The panoramic view of King's College, Cambridge
           It would be such a dream-come-true moment for me if this happens. And if its academia, architecture  and heritage is not enough, the current Duke and Duchess of Cambridge elevate the charm of Cambridge in itself.
          Knowledge is Great is a great initiative by British Council. Please click on the link http://knowledgeisgreat.in/ for more information.

        This post is my entry for the indiblogger contest "Knowledge is Great".

Pic courtesy: Google Imges & wikipedia 

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