Monday, 22 June 2009


So she came at my place to meet me. Its been summer vacations at her school and she was headstrong that she ll be coming all alone to stay with me during her vacations.

She came on the set date and we passed the first day chatting and gorging on the sweets she had brought for me. For the coming days I had planned that we ll be going to morning-walks, something she’s really enthusiastic about and something which I hope, will help me make an early-riser. We couldn’t manage to get up early next day so we skipped the first day walk but we compensated for it with evening-walk. We were walking, I was telling about my life here and she was observing the surrounding when I caught her looking longingly at the children on the swings in the park in front of my building. We kept on talking and walking until my feet started demanding rest and came back home.

Next morning , I woke up at 6.00,too late for a morning walk and found her bed lying empty. Thinking that she might be in bathroom, waited for some moments and then went to check there but she wasn’t there too. The front door was open. I wondered where could she have gone, keeping the door unlocked. She might be walking in the terrace, I wondered, so rushed there but no she wasn’t there. From there, I saw somebody swinging alone in the park down .

I laughed to myself, at the little pleasures we enjoy and ran smiling all the way to park to join my Mummy playing on swing.

Its these little joys that sum up the bliss of life. They say, in every (wo)man’s heart lives a kid, so true…

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  1. :)) oh yeah, we had great fun..

    n hey why didnt you commment there then, but surely hope will get to know your views on those older posts soon:))