Thursday, 11 June 2009

Engrossed in work

It was some requirement from the client .He wanted some changes in the report provided by us. I began modifying the report code and started testing it. The phone at the other table was continuously ringing, soI rushed, picked the receiver and said "16546 (this was the data with which i was doing testing)...err.....sorry ..ummmm...hello"


  1. lol..if I pick up the phone right now..I might sound like a waiter reeling out the menu card...coz cooking is what am thinking of right now..

  2. @cm-chap :)) hope my boss is reading this!!:D:D

    @sakshi cooking is fun..hope nobody called u that moment when u are so involved in preparing dishes,lol..

  3. Came here from Sakshi's blog. Funny post. It's so important to see the humour in every day situation. Keep up the good office as well as in the blogosphere.

  4. haha
    thats happened to me once
    I was working on a client's engrsossed that when the office phone rang, i picked up and said the client's company name rather than mine..... and the caller was that client herself :P