Thursday, 25 June 2009

Observations of a true "Linda Goodman" fan

Whenever anybody asked “Whats Your Rashee” when I was in secondary school, I gave the blankest look I could give (and believe me, I am too good when it comes to expressing through face expressions;)).Thanks to my friend D , who later told me the existence of something called Sun/Zodiac Sign and Moon Sign. Yey, So from then on I knew the answer!!
I knew that I was “Cancer-the crab” according to my Sun-Sign and that’s it .And thus began the weekly Horoscope reading habit. But Hey, I am not like those who believe whatever is written and have faith in it religiously.. naah, for me they are just for fun. Read, laugh and forget..

It was only in college when I got to read the bible of astronomy “Linda Goodman Sun Signs” and her another work "Love Signs". And on hearing any person’s birthday those days, the first reaction always was “ohh, (s)he’s that sign!!!! Thats why (s)he is like this” or “ohh, (s)he’s that sign!!!! But (s)he is not like typical sign...”

In case I am starting to sound like Sorceress, let me come to the point. Its been around 5 months of blogging and I have come across with some very nice blogs. And seeing the blogger’s profile I, by default, checks their Sun Sign. I have definitely matured now and dont care much about all this stuff but they say, old habits die hard..Hence this post!!! [:)]

And here are the tit-bits, this Disciple of Linda Goodman found out in the Blogger World:

1) If the blogger Sun Sign is Aries, heavy chances are that he/she is very open-minded and they surely have posted their photo in their profile and in their posts as well. Another point noticed was that they are happy bloggers (fun stuff they write)

2) If the Sun-Sign is Cancer , chances are the topics will mostly be humour or rants or stories. And 90% chances are that they would have not disclosed their name and if they have disclosed their name then there would be no photo of them in their profile. Search their whole blog and there are scarce changes of finding their photo there. They will be writing a lot of personal stuff but without any photo.

3) If the Sun-Sign is Scorpio, then like Cancer( both being water-signs) there will be stories/humour/rants et al. There will be one of these two things: either their hand-writing is good or their writing-style. There may be both qualities as well. Since one cant judge their hand-writing in blogs;)), read them and you will know the truth.

4) If the Sun-Sign is Capricorn, then feel assured no matter what the content is , the writing style would be modern and distinct.

5) If your Sun-Sign is Libra, sorry I haven’t come across any blogger with this sign.
Since Librans are supposed to be very practical, they might be thinking this Blogging turf a serious time of waste.

In fact most of the bloggers I have come across are either Cancer or Scorpio. So I can say, that I didn’t get to observe the other signs as such.

P.S: If you are any of this sign and you agree with it, do comment.
If you are any of this sign but don’t agree, still do comment.
If you are not any of this sign and think of it as Crabby Crap or Crappy Crab, then think as you wish;)).

Just go and observe!!


  1. wow another Linda good man fan... Cheers.

    She is damn right when it comes to predictions.... I agree with whatever said about my sun sign...

    oh come on... I'm a proud SCORP :)

  2. I don't ever go by these predictions. Like you said, I do read, but laugh out n forget . :)

  3. hey sweetie...some good stuff in all this time :) so I am back atleast in reading the blogs...will be updating mine thoda aaraam se ;)
    and hey what about saggi's!!! one observation from personal experience...they are sooo lazy............

  4. @ cm-chap
    whoa, cheers:))i beleive in all the good she's written about my sign and disagree with all the ills that she mention about it:D thats another thing i like everything about mine:P
    reading linda, makes me and my friends realise that Scorps are the most dangerous of all the signs:O...

    @purpleheart oh yes one can say its just plain fun..but fun it is..

    @shruti: welcome back ji:)) your comment came as such a nice surprise!!! now when ur writer's block end?it has been more than 3 months... now i must agree "saggi are tooooooo lazy" :P

  5. Ha Ha... Agreed. We are the most dangerous people...

    But it doesn't stop from boastg a pride SCORP :)

  6. Sorry for a late comment but I was out of circulation for a while. I am a scorpio...and people have told me to stick to humour as they dont find my serious writing as appealing. Sigh. I would like to write something less frivolous but I dont get comments and I am severely addicted to them.
    Scorpions are dangerous? We are like those new born kittens whose claws have been clipped!

  7. @aparna better late than never;D..write what you feel as whatever you write, turns out a nice read:))
    "new born kittens whose claws have been clipped!" haha but they have sharp teeth;))..

  8. How could you leave me out??? Virgo :'( :D

    You'll see me around :)

    Have a great weekend :)


  9. Heyyyyyyyyyy Wishy wishy..wassup??

    Hahaha YEa.. I had Linda Goodman with me. I gave it away to an enthusiast a few months back.

    And hey...Im a Gemini. Why isnt my sign listed here??? U figure out Geminis and lemme know about them, will u???? I hope U like me...uh..Geminis. WInk.

  10. @ dphatsez: read ur that post and others..thoroughly enjoyed:))

    @miss kido :))have a great week ahead..

    oh, i have to observe other leos, virgos n geminis before making an opinion ;):P
    keep visiting for Observations part 2 :D

  11. Been a while since you posted, come back!!

    What sunsign do you think I am, btw?

  12. wondering what Taureans would be like.I have heard they are stupid. Nice analysis though.:))

  13. I am proud to say that I am a Libra and I am a proud owner of a Blog. Libras are practical and dreamers at the sametime. Its the balance only they can keep. I guess.

    p.s. Nice blog :)

  14. heyaaa

    amazing observation yaar :)
    loved ur blog, and this post too :)


    ( A capricorn )

  15. WG, came here through the link you left at mine. Nice obseravtion.

    "4) If the Sun-Sign is Capricorn, then feel assured no matter what the content is , the writing style would be modern and distinct."


    You know most bloggers I know are Cancerians or Leo.

  16. me too a libra :P and librans are as dreamy as they are said to be practical i guess!

  17. Being a Zodiac follower myself, a self-loving one at that, i went straight to my sun sign, Libra. I am a Libran, and I have a blog, which I don't post on too often since I, like most other Librans I guess, probably have my priorities all messed up ;) but i do love blogging, i love writing even more, and between '03 and '05 was hardcore on the blogging scene.

    incidentally, i'd have thought the Capricorns are too practical a people (Saturn ruled!). Librans only echo a fellow Capricorns practicality, but are mostly in doldrums on whether to be practical or not ;) well. at least i am!

    so now you've seen a Libran blogger :)