Monday, 13 October 2014

Thought bubbles on Monday Morning

Yesterday night I slept with a resolution: to wake up early. At 06 o'clock. So after many, many weeks, I put alarm on my mobile. I am not a keeper of resolutions, am I? The half-done tags in this bblog are a good reminder of this. I woke up today at my regular sevenish. Dum spiro spera. So hopefully by the end of this week, I will be reporting in this blog of a Saturday morning that begins at 6 in the morning.

It has been two days that my maid has not come. So I was making umpteen journeys to my balcony to look for her in my street. Not that she would deliberately skip my house if I dont check on her, but then the kitchen sink full of dishes was enough for me to wait for her. "rasta niharna" as it is said in hindi.:)

While I was slouching over the railing of my balcony, I saw the shops in the street opening up their businesses, people brooming their verandahs, landlady watering her road-side plants and the 90s bollywood music rafting in the air. I knew that song. Infact tell me any hit song from the 90s, I am sure I would have heard it and can even hum a line or two (some full). After all, I am a child growing up in 90s on the solid diet of these songs. But just by hearing that song, I was sure that some construction worker/rickshaw wala bhaiya is playing this song. No they are not those dual meaning songs that were hit then(like ilu-ilu, gutur-gutar etc.), but these are the songs of love and heartache, resplendent with Kumar Sanu's voice which screams 90s.  With few experiences of my own and with due research of my fellow friends, I have come to an conclusion that these songs are a favorite among the construction workers/ rickshaw walahs. You know, like every decade, the songs of the 90s fall in two category: the good one (like Pehla nasha, ek ladki ko dekha, kuch na kaho etc-you get the drift) and then there are songs like these. Seems "Bewafa Sanam"movie has some of the Super-hit songs.

I am a very lazy person. And when I am alone, I am usually very careless of my meals and skip a one or two. Instead of cooking even maggi, I would rather look for buiscuits to quench my hunger. Thats how lazy I am. Not a good thing. So today I  made myself butter-jam toast and green tea (whoa what elaborate breakfast :p ) and decided to do something productive. And here I am writing a blog post. Woh, I am a girl who knows her priorities right. :)

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As I am not able to remember more 90s songs, feel free to add more in the list.

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