Saturday, 6 September 2014

One day

It is afternoon. And there is nobody home. For past few days, the weather has been awesome. Cool breeze with intermittent rains.
I have always longed for spending aimless afternoons at home with myself in a good weather but  work has never given this luxury to me. But today is special.
After endless internet surfing, finishing the book that I had been reading, TV-watching I lie in my bed. With my headon the end of the bed. From there, I have a view of the sun from the open door. The sky was pleasant blue with light super-white fluffy clouds all over. A part of me wonders how can such bright blue skies happen in the pollution filled metro. Afterall, I have seen such bright blue skies only in the beautiful, untouched hills.  But then who am I questioning on the colour of the sky of this big city. It might be the first time I am actually looking at the sky above.It might me the first time I have relaxed in the afternoon with no chores to do and no thoughts in my mind.
 May be in September the sky always wears this beautiful colour or may be the salubrious weather is the reason or may be today is special.
And the heart said a quick thankyou to the universe for small pleasures like this.

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