Sunday, 8 May 2011

Daughetrs of beautiful women are not pretty

In my teens I made a theory, "Daughters of beautiful women are not pretty". Oh yes, my mummy is very beautiful and hence the theory:) In times, I have met many who supported this theory and I have celebrity evidences too to support.
I take after my father in looks as well as in behaviour department. And often I used to rue over this fact too.That I dont have eyes, nose , smile and beauty like hers. Then one day, an old acquaintance came to meet my parents. She had known my parents since their youth but hadnt meet them for like 14-15 years. I had just begun college then. And when she saw me, she exclaims.." You have taken after your mother!! So tall, such elegance ". Now my mother's elegance and style of carrying herself is incomparable but needless to say, I was on moon. I shared it with my mother and slept with a smile on my face.
No one can say, on looking at me that I am my mother's daughter. You know how on seeing some person you feel like "oh she looks exactly like her mother's/ father's" I wanted that to happen with me. So couple of months back I was going through the photos we clicked during Deepawali and I have this moment "omg, I am looking like her. Not completely, surely I dont have beautiful eyes and the natural smile like her, but well the cringes around the eyes and the curl around the lips are unmistakenly hers."
So you see, I am evolving. First the height, then the cringes and curls, and maybe one day people look at me and exclaims"oh she looks exactly like her mother's"..That would surely be a grand day for me. And it would be of great help to me if with time her easy-going nature, child-like exuberance, energy and timeless elegance also rubs in..:)
Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mommies and all their not-so-pretty daughters.:)


  1. That's sweet. I hope your mother read this :)

    Belated Mother's day to her :)

    PS: You spelt 'daughters' wrong on the post title :P

  2. @titaxy :)
    @blunt edges :) ya i noticed that too after posting..but well then, what they say in hini.. "bhawnaoo ko samjho!!" lol

  3. u r indeed beautiful :) and so is aunty :)
    Happy Mother's day !!