Saturday, 17 April 2010

Near-death experience

Numbness in your limbs, body turning cold, lips dry, mind blank, the heart thumping so loud that you fear it will pop out from your mouth which is screaming ‘aaaaa…’ at the highest pitch it could , that dizzying empty feeling in the stomach : all at the same time. You cling to your only support with all your strength and might but still feeling that you are losing the grip and you are going to die..

I went through all of this and it was completely my choice. On reaching the crossroads, I was in dilemma if I am taking the right decision? But then once the wheel starts rolling, there is no looking back only this sensation that you are going to die.

On our trip to Land of sun & sand, I tried everything from jetskiing to bump-ride to what-ever-was-created-in-the-name-of-water-sports. I even exuberantly ferried to the deep sea to go for para-sailing above the deep blue ocean. Imagine the feeling to fly like a bird and have a real bird’s-eye view of the ground sea below! But as I saw people putting up the gear and getting ready to sail, the heart started beating faster and an unexplainable emptiness/ whatever in my stomach which made cringe with fear.So when my turn came, all the attempts of ZZ convincing me “Main Hoon naa” went vain and I decided that I will be more happy to see him flying from the ferry ..He sailed alone and I really enjoyed watching him enjoying his sail so much. We came back happily and never spoke about it later.

Till one day,I caught up with the self-improvisation ka bhoot and decided that I have to overcome this fear of mine. So I talked about it with ZZ who zeroed on a venue nearby –an adventure park.

The first ride itself made my heart beat escalated to 120/min. ZZ sweet-talked me into it saying it will not go high but it will only revolve around the main pole. I got entrapped and had the ride..Fear did grip me but overall I enjoyed. Do I want to take that rode again? No, thank you..
Next we took a water ride..The boat takes you from narrow ways and then goes through an elevation and then runs down at meteoric speed splashing water everywhere inside and out. I was game for it and liked it, probably because the fun part ended so soon as it begun. There was a ride from which the cries and the exclaimations were the loudest and the oscillating machine could be seen from the farthest distance itself. ZZ was so pushing me to take that ride else “aane ka phayada hi kya when you didn’t overcame your fear.” As if he was not enjoying his rides.. ZZ had already done 2 rides alone without me as I clearly metioned that I am not interested to rotate my body at 360 degree over and over again for 10 minutes and that too at such speed.

So after analyzing that high ride from the queue, I said to myself, this does look high but its not as terrifying as it looks. The speed looks nominal and the duration of ride is also less than 5 minutes. As I sit in the ride, I double-checked my seat-belt, held the handle with all my might, asked ZZ, who was sitting next to me to hold my hand instead of holding his handle. The journey began and needless to say, those less than 5 minutes become the most terrifying moments of my planet. From the zenith, when you come down, it feels like a free fall, with the body lifted slightly up from your seat, you doesn’t sense any seat-belt or any cover handle .oh god, it’s real terrifying and when you rise up, it still feels the same.. I could hear cries of fear, exuberance, fun, delight around me with my voice also a part of it.As the speed subsided, I heaved a sigh of relief that I am alive and vowed never to take such ride again. Soon ZZ and I parted ways..he went for another topsy-turvy ride and I went for my favourite ride of the whole park, which is :

In that moment I got this realization that there are certain things you can’t do. And for the things that you can’t do, blame it on your genes;) Yes, I think my father is also a bit paranoid of adventure rides and heights.;)

Hey, do you ever have any such experience?
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