Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Living with parents is about dreaming of somedaymaking it big and living alone. You never realize how it is to live with your parents when you are living with them. But once you are away, the reality dawns on you that what you left was heaven where you lived a princess life with nothing to bother except your studies.
Living alone is freedom juxtaposed with boredom. You have the freedom to watch any TV channel you want to without any interference from anyone to change the channel but you miss the nearness of someone along with whom you can share your 2-cents on the movie you watched just then.
Living with friends is freedom. And freedom only. Not a single ounce of boredom.
You watch your favourite TV serial in bits and pieces, in between breaks of the other TV serials that are on,sitting in a common-hall along with 20-something people with constant chatter where you have to “Shoo” them everytime your favourite actor is appearing onscreen.
You cook ‘Bread-rolls’ on a low-flame heater in your room at a corner with a bunch of friends and making almost no noise so that none of the other hostel-mates could know ‘whats cookin’’.So what if the bread-rolls took 2.5 hours to cook, they would remain the best bread-rolls you ever ate.
You argue hard with your friends and with yourself if it is fine to go PVR to watch the night 12:00 show of that block-buster movie and end up going there and munching popcorns and loving the feel of walking in the deserted streets at 4 in the morning.
You sing a line of a song, your room-mate the next and this chain continues from one song to another with bouts of giggles and laughter and breaks for correction in between and you realize that what a joy it is to sing with someone singing along with you and forming the chorus. And you chukle when a freind mentions in your testimonial (in Orkut ofcourse;)) about you singing "Tanha Dil" loud in the corridors of your hostel.

Ah those days...


  1. haven't lived with friends...but having lived with parents and then alone does make one crave for the other at times...grass is at times greener on the other side :D

  2. this is making me f.. tht i'm gonna miss out on a lot of thingss very soon :(

  3. First it was schooling, then higher studies that kept me away from home, have been a hosteller since Class III and I miss not having stayed with parents for extended periods. But there is no respite, since one's got to work and I rue it keeps me away from home..

    And about Haddon's book, I've seen it in the book shelves of many of my friends...wondered what it was about but have not come around to reading it...Well, theres so much to read, so many books & writers to discover, and so little time :-(

  4. @titaxy ah yes.. the greener grass..:)
    @dido seems you are on the verge of some new beginning;)) good luck and chillax, enjoy..
    @arunima oh is a big game altogether..need a separate post for it..still learning the rules to play:D
    @aditya welcome here.agree..but then cest la vie..
    do read the haddon book..that book ws on my radar for a long time ever since i read abt it in te interview (not becoz of srk but because of that title) and i am :) now that i ve read it..

  5. hey..u made me nostalgic..what a time yaar..but the rolls were really you 4 this post:)

  6. ahhh...nostalgic! :)
    ps: someone's getting old :P

  7. @twinklingstar ahh yes..tasty the naa..:D akhir heater kiska tha:P

    @be oh yes.. now dont get me started on the white strands of my hair & the wrinkles on the face!!:P

  8. I couldnt have written this better myself if I had to define the phases of my life :)
    But of course with me there would be some more phases.

    Its amazing how some incidents are so similar in life. Like me making maggi with my hostel room mates at 3 am trying to keep quite so that the others didnt get to know otherwise nobody would have anything :)