Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Main Hoon Naa

The three most important words that can make an impact is “Main Hoon Naa”…
Sometimes these are said explicitly and there are times when the warmth in the gaze, hold of the hands make it come alive.
It is this same support a mother gives to her kid when he hold her fingers to take the first steps.
It is the same faith a father renders to his son when he pushes and balances the bicycle to teach his son the art of cycling.
It is the same support a friend gives when he stands by you and lends you his notebooks and teaches you the missed lectures when you were down with chicken-pox.

I remember a particular incident when my father had come to meet me at the hostel. I lived with my 2 room-mates. In the evening he proposed to have dinner outside and asked for some good restaurant nearby. My friend K told him about this great non-veg restaurant “Maharaja” nearby adding “ but we must not go there as it is usually filled with guys and it’s night time”..To this what my father responds still is my friend’s favourite line..He simply said “Arre Main hoon naa..We ll go there.” It was not a big issue but the way he said it in his spirited voice makes it a memorable moment for me as well as for my friends.

When I was new to my job, my boss assigned me with some work which was new to me. Obviously, I was not very comfortable and asked a lot of querries about it.To this he just said me to “work with no fear because even if the project doesn’t turn out right, what I am for? Main Hoon Naa”..I don’t remember what happened to the project, but his words remind me of my father and I smiled and started working as I know I had a firm support at my back.

This idea that no matter what we do, there is someone who has set a safety net for us whenever we fall, someone to whom we can return to when everyone has turned their back to us, someone whose hands are holding you in every step you take, gives a high, a motivation to work your best.

And these three words also show that the person who is saying them has the power and the means to support you as well as that he is caring enough to lend you his support. It is great to be at the receiving end of the someone’s unflinching support but it is more important to be at the stage to say these words and mean it. Because these simple words can make someone to go to his farthest limit because he knows that after a day’s hard work, no matter what the result is, he has someone to go to who is there for you at your every step.
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  1. so true!!!
    I can feel the power of it and what a person goes trough in times of Insecurity. I currently quit my job, which was so unexpected that I feel so low from last few weeks..I keep waiting for someone to be there and say its all going to be fine..:)
    u r lucky..

  2. continue posting like this. main hoon na. :-)

  3. when my teammate put his papers, someone asked my manager: "toh who will replace him? anyone new is coming?"

    manager looked at me and said: "yeh hai na!"

    is that in the same league? ;)

  4. lovely...having security is surely wanted by anyone...but being security for someone is just as desired :) keep posting