Saturday, 6 December 2014

For old time's sake

An ode to my first watch

When I was in eighth class, my father gifted me my first watch. A Timex. This was literally my first watch. I dont remember if I had worn any fancy, plastic, digital kid watches before that.

It was love at first sight. I had never seen any beauty like that before. My mom had an old HMT watch-that classic gold dial with black leather strap. And I had never liked that watch. Mine was black metallic dial with pale gold interiors and diamond-like crystals at the four cardinal points. The strap was black of silicon-like material with horizontal engravings along its length. It sat pretty in my left hand and I was ecstatic.

The watch came with a stand. Something like the below image with a glass cover. I still remember, after coming from school I would dutifully strap off my watch and adjust it in its stand. This was my daily routine during my school years. One of my relative noticed me doing it and intrigued, asked me why I do it. "Out of habit, I suppose." I told her. The thinking logically, I answered "this way the watch doesnt get any dust". She thought about it and told me "No. By putting that watch in its stand you ensure that you can see the time on the watch from afar. which would not be possible if , instead, it lies." Touche, but I definitely didnt gather her point as my dainty little watch sits in the top shelf adjacent to my bed and I had a big clock in the same room.

the case in question (Image courtesy: Google images)
The watch came with a warranty of 2 years and I remember very correctly just a month passed after its 2 year anniversary, the cells went down. As the watch was not purchased from my town and the cells were not available there , I waited for good 2-3 months before I could get it repaired.

That watch has seen thousands of academic hours spent in school and college, standed the pressure test of many exams and been a witness to many triumphs and frustrations. My 10th board exams, 12th Board exams, college semesters, competitive exams- the watch can proudly say "been there, done that".More than 10 years that watch sat elegantly on my left hand.

In those 10 years, the batteries were replaced a no. of times, the strap was changed twice and one of the diamond crystals fell off but the watch remained a sturdy companion. That watch begin my love affair with timepieces. When I got job, I fell in love with another watch, a Titan Raga this time. This new watch replaced the old one and my first watch finally caught dust in the spare watch box. But as they say, the first one is always special.

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