Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Oh the joy

Oh the joy when you find a soul who loves the same book/ movie/ place/ moment as much as you do.

So on our way back home with a office friend, the topic moves to the kind of movies we watch.

And she remarked ‘I readlly loved that movie of Milind Somen’.

My eyes sparkled with joy. “Oh the one with the curly-haired girl’.

“Yes-yes. It is my favourite movie. The only Milind Somen movie worth watching. He is looking so delish.”

“Oh how much I loved that movie. That movie has such good songs. Oh God, we spent beautiful college days listening to those songs and dancing away in them”

“All its songs were nice. Even the slower version of few songs.”

“I am unable to recall the name of the movie..But it was so ahead of its time. The narration style, yada yada..”

“Even Tanuja as Dadi was a good cast. Name of the movie ?? hmmm.."

And talking about the movie and humming the songs we parted ways to our homes.

Back home, when I connected my phone to wi-fi, there was a deluge of messages in the Whatsapp group of my college friends. These are the same friends with whom I have spent the joyous years of college hostel. I asked them the name of the Milind Somen movie with the song “Aise Pyaar ke naam”. Why google when you can connect to the friends who have the answer and the nostalgic tit-bit information about things. Same happened and friend A replied “Pyaar ka Superhit Formula” and this is the same song in which you used to dance in our hostel room. Sheesh! Friend M quipped “Rules”. And I got the name of the movie. “Rules-Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula”.

So many happy afternoons and evenings may be nights or mornings have been spent listening to these songs and dancing to its tunes.

I searched the songs on the internet next day and listened to it. To my amazement, I still
remembered almost complete lyrics of two of my favourite songs.

Here is to old time's sake.

Pic courtesy: Google images

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