Friday, 10 June 2011

Favourite Rain Song

As I was blog-hopping I came across a blog where someone has written down her favourite rain songs. This brought back the memories of an incident that happened last year.

So, we were on our way to Rishikesh when it suddenly started raining. It was beautiful weather and we both were humming tunes in between the conversations and silence.

Me: You know what is my favourite rain song?

ZZ(driving=concentrating on the road=eyes on the road and ears towards me and mind dont know where): No. Tell me..

Me (ghumming the son): This one. Have you seen the video. Akshay and Sonali are there in it.. Great Video..lovely music..

ZZ: Ohh..Yes, good song..

Me: I dont have that song in my laptop. I soo want to listen it.Download this song for me, ok.

ZZ: Sure..I too like that song. Akshay wala naa.

Me: yeah..

The song I was talking of is this one..

I really like this song. The voices of Hariharan and Chitra creates magic.

Those were the days when we were in the long distance relationship. The next time ZZ came, he told me non-chalantly that he has brought the video song and I get it copied before he leaves. I excitedly took the pendrive and dear friends this was the song waiting for me..

Apparantly, irrespective of my soulful rendition of that song, the only thing the man's mind registered was "Akshay"+"Rain Song".

Ah well, Cest la vie..:)


  1. Hahaha , atleast he remembered to bring ur song even when it was a wrong one ;)

  2. oh yes, i should see the positives of the situation, haha..