Monday, 10 January 2011

And thereby hangs a tale

So I bought this book sometime in February last year. The book is a collection of short-stories by Jeffrey Archer. one of the reason i bought this book was the waves that one of its story "Caste-off" was creating. This was the true story based in India but my favourite among all of them was "The Queen's Birthday Telegram". short and sweet. After I was done reading the book, ZZ took this book with him . Those were the days when we were in a long-distance relationship. I had praised very highly of this book stating that the stories are short and easy to read. He took that book saying it would make a good read on his train –journeys.

Now reading for pleasure is not ZZ's forte. Months passed, weather changed, vacations were taken, bags were changed, I moved in with him but the book never left his side. He always carried that book along with him on his way to office. No matter how many times he emptied, cleared and refilled his back-pack, that book proudly lied there. He carries the back-up regularly to office, with the book inside it hoping he would get to read in his Metro ride to-and-fro home. Now in the so crowded metros, I can well imagine no one can get a chance to stand properly lest think about reading.

So as I saw him once again, ready to go office, his back-pack hanged on his shoulders, with the book inside, I thought, so apt. “And thereby hangs a tale”.


  1. Lols!! I think that's the beauty of the title .
    I have picked this book since i havn't read Jeffery archer ever so i wanted to try the one with short stories first and i should say that the book didn't disappoint me . Looking forward to more of Jeffery Archer but still a huge backlog to finish :(

  2. @neha me too in the short-storoes festival mode..:) currently reading "12 red herrings"..

    @arunima hehe good suggestion but some days back, he removed that book from his backup and put it back in the rack..the book is now with my brother...