Sunday, 12 December 2010

When i was 25...

ever since i saw those ads of 25 years of kotak mahindra, i was dying to write a post like this. first, as i have already mentioned,the office where most of the waking hours are spent has blocked blogger and second the home connection was cut for a very long period of time.. So today only i got the net connection back, and here i am writing my idea of how 25 was ..

So when i was 25..
1) no miracle happened. i was still the same confused soul that i am.
2) gifted myself the Dell laptop, i was wishing to buy for some time.
3) got my first bouquet.
4) realised that sometimes God's test your patience and one should use one's senses to deal with it. Emotions are good but one must keep the mind in place to plan and act at the next best chance.
5) got married.
6) realised that no matter how much you smile, laugh, grin at your other photos..its the wedding photos that matter most. So one has to keep the ear-to-ear smile/ coy grin intact on one's face throughout the wedding.
7) flew on plane for the first time in my life! Yes! i am a small town girl.did engineering in the same state, got job in that very state and the job involved no tours. The travel i had of distant places were till date all done in Indian Railways:) and i had a fear of heights so yay, finally i did it.
8) watched "The Sound of Music" for the first time and yes, loved it. And also "Casablanca", and "Amelie" and "Breakfast at Tiffany's".. thanks to zz who has this amazing collection of movies and a decent broadband connection, i got to watch these classics.
9) got my own car, a driving license but no driving skills. I have to learn this.
10) made peace with the fact that if you really want to change something, change your self.

so well, 25 was a great year to be. and i hope the coming years will be more interesting and fun..

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