Sunday, 17 October 2010

welcome idiot-box

So, in february last year, i wrote this post about the absence of idiot-box in my life. Strangely, I never felt the need and it used to surprise my friends and parents.'Kanjoos' they would say to me 'but how can you stay without tv, yaar?'. After marriage, since I and ZZ had to live in separate cities for some months, my austere life continued.
But in August, I changed location and moved in with ZZ. Our days of living as bachelors had come to an end and we have to make a "grihasthi";). Shopping started, priority list made of what to buy first and what is urgent. I had made him clear about my stance for TV and TV was at the bottom in our priority list. But then, everytime we were at Home-Town or Big-bazaar, I could spot ZZ looking dreamily at the TVs on display, enquiring about the features and offers. Every morning, while reading newspaper, he would exclaim on seeing ads" hey, great offers on Tv yaar..there's this new technology LED which.." You get the drift, right? Then, the big sporting extravaganza called CWG happened, and the need of TV was felt more.
One cant keep a man away from his toys for long, so I had some time back, have agreed of us buying it this Diwali. While I am the kind, who thinks a lot (and dont do much) and asks for opinions/ reviews before any purchase, ZZ is more of a instant kind of buyer, getting anything he likes without much thought. and in the same fashion, today morning ZZ declared we are going to get a TV today. The man kept his words, and right now, busy setting the TV while I write this post.

Stay tuned for the news of TV/ remote wars.

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  1. cool!!! Congragulations to the new Entrant. Have fun