Friday, 25 June 2010

On fountain-pen

Today, when a person from another department came to me for some official work, I noticed him writing with an fountain pen (ink-pen). 'Ohh, you are writing with an ink pen..!!' with a big grin on my face I said. He smiled. It was that moment of surprise and happiness , you know, when you find someone reliving the days you left so far behind...may be in Class 9-10th..

I continued staring at my screen and blabbering the data he wanted, in between stealing glances at the beautiful black-and-red model and the chelpark-blue ink marks it was leaving as it strides along the page. "Is it 'Stic'?" I asked tempting to hold that pen. "I used to have a pen in the same colour once". "Parker" he replied. Ohh.I couldn't help but lend out my hand and hold that pen and write my name in my note-book with the fountain-pen.

It's been long time that I saw someone using an fountain-pen. Even my cousins studying in Class 6th or 7th use Gel-pens and Ball-point pens. n there was time when our Maam used to chide even students of Class 9th or 10th then for not using fountain-pens, as she believed that using Ball-point pens deteriorates hand-writing. No wonder, I never used Ball-points till Class 11th.Yes, only fountain-pens and Luxar Pilot pens for me.

I wonder if Stationary shops still sell these pens?

I wonder if brands like "Stic" still make these ink-pens? I wonder if young students are still finicky about the colour of the body of the pen or which cartoon is appearing in the pen. Like "Show me the pen in red-n blank. No-no, not in blue-n-yellow". Ok, I am sure nobody does it. But I used to do that.

I wonder if a young student still checks the ink in all his pens every morning while preparing his school-bag.

I wonder, if Chinese pens (today the market is teaming with cheap chinese goods and they all symbolizes poor quality/ use and throw type. But in those days, the decade of 90s, Chinese pens were the priceist and cutest with metalic bodies and a smaller nib) still hold the charm of some young eyes who secretly wishes that her cousin leave her 'legacy' to her in the next academic year..


  1. its sweet how a thing as simple as an ink-pen can bring back so many memories...nostalgic :)

  2. such a cute, lovely expression of Nostalgia...It took me down the memory lane, of using INK nice..loved this post

  3. :)
    I remember filling the ink in my fountain pens before going to school. And waiting till I got to use fountain pens when we were only allowed pencils.

    I guess this will just be another story to tell to our grandchildren, who in all probability use only tablet computers in school!

  4. @ be oh felt so surprisingly nice to see the ink-pen after so long..

    @shrutzz glad you liked it..

    @merlin oh yes, i forgot to mentio it in the post.. how we used to wait to get to write with in-pens:)and the morning ritual of packing bag according to time-table and filling ink-pens:)